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Crossing your own borders

The international conference "Core, Periphery, Frontier. Spatial Patterns of Power" was the last of four conferences that focused on the main topics of the Collaborative Research Centre 1167’s thematic strands.

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After the conferences on the thematic strands "Personality and Transpersonality" (November 2017), "Criticism and Idealisation" (April 2018) and "Conflict and Consent" (November 2018), the last event (March 2019) was dedicated to questions of "Centre and Periphery".

The discussions in a transcultural space, which remained true to the topic not only on the level of content, demonstrate how fruitful it is for each individual to change the perspective from their own central disciplinary point of view and to move to the periphery, if not to leave it to explore and go beyond the border zones. Even though the title of the conference initially suggests a strong geographical focus on the subject, the speakers pointed out a surprising range of possible approaches to the field of tension between center and periphery. The speakers discussed critically traditional methodological approaches and, by means of their concrete case studies from worldwide contexts, uncovered numerous cross-connections between studies that at first glance seem completely detached. For example, the talks provided insights into the dynamic processes of center and periphery relationships, the conditions under which such structures develop not only in geographical terms but also socially and ideally, different approaches by rulers to stabilizing and controlling peripheral spaces, and the effects of conflicts between self-appointed centers on the political effectiveness of the supreme ruler. One lasting result of this conference will surely be the sustainable implantation of these impulses in the daily work of all participants.

An extended review of the conference by Susanne Reichert and Paul Fahr is available at H-Soz-Kult.