Sie sind hier: Startseite Aktuelles Termine des SFB 1167 17.01.2019 – 19.01.2019: Workshop – „Crossing Cultures, Crossing Periods: A Performance Studies Laboratory“

17.01.2019 – 19.01.2019: Workshop – „Crossing Cultures, Crossing Periods: A Performance Studies Laboratory“

Eine Veranstaltung des SFB 1167 im Rahmen des Teilprojekts „Weibliches Charisma. Figurationen von Macht und Herrschaft in England und Frankreich (700–1500)“ (Leitung: Prof. Dr. Irina A. Dumitrescu, English Medieval Studies)

Plakat_Workshop_Crossing CulturesThe field of contemporary performance studies offers a useful set of theoretical approaches to audience, performance contexts, ritual, and identification. Some of its contributions have been to dissolve the boundary between performer and audience, to pay special attention to liminal states and spaces of transition, and to offer a nuanced account of the performance of language. Performance theory moves away from the traditional stage and examines the transformative potential of performance carried out in the space between art and everyday life. It emphasizes a variable and improvisational approach to scripted words and actions and the creation and presentation of social roles and subjectivities. In this workshop, we will explore the ways in which performance travels and changes through cultural contact, and what performance studies might tell us about the relationship between gender, power, and charisma. We will investigate how a focus on modes of performance can bring to light previously unexamined aspects of the historical record, especially evidence for embodied, non-textual practices such as dance, ritual, and music. The goal of this workshop is to explore cutting-edge performance-based research methods and explore how we might use these as a basis for transcultural and transhistorical work.


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