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Picture: © Katharina Gahbler | SFB 1167

The sub-project Z “Management Unit” conducts all coordinating and administrative tasks of the CRC 1167. Our services include:  planning, organising and documenting the central activities of the CRC.We are responsible for the administration and the financial management, budgeting and accounting of the CRC as well as for coordinating human resources and research data management. Additionally, our programmes for the promotion of junior researchers and equal opportunity are coordinated here. We are therefore happy to support all members of the Collaborative Research Centre and see this unit as a liaison office connecting and communicating with the DFG, the University of Bonn, the faculties, publishers and other external partners such as guests and cooperating partners alike.


Principal Investigator:

Spokesperson of the CRC 1167
Room 1.004
Phone: +49-(0)228-735160/+49-(0)228-7354471



Managing Directors:

(Research Assistant)
Room 0.010
Phone: +49-(0)228-736770
(Research Assistant)
Room 0.005
Phone: +49-(0)228-7354467
Sonderforschungsbereich (Collaborative Research Centre) 1167
"Macht und Herrschaft - Vormoderne Konfigurationen in transkultureller Perspektive"

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Poppelsdorfer Allee 24
53115 Bonn

E-Mail: sfb1167.geschaeftsfuehrung[at]

Assistant of the Management Unit:
(Research Assistant)
Room 0.021
Phone: +49-(0)228-7354461
Former Employees:

RauscheNatalie Rausche, M.A.

(Secretary's office, 2016–2020)





Dr. Stefanie Dick

(Managing Director, 2016–2018)

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