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How do you convey a topic as abstract as 'Macht and Herrschaft' ('power and domination'), which is examined using examples from three continents over a period of about 5,000 years? This challenge is taken on by the sub-project for public relations "Communicating Macht and Herrschaft in a Transcultural Perspective" (PI: Prof. Dr. Matthias Becher). In addition to the standard areas of public relations, we would also like to provide information about the current research work of the CRC 1167 in all its facets, in order to make seemingly unfamiliar and different time periods and structures tangible. Important partners in this are the management unit and all scientific sub-projects of the CRC, with whom we are in constant dialogue.

In this way, we carry the ideas  and results of researchers further into the public domain through a targeted transfer of knowledge between university and school.

At the same time, an exhibition project is being prepared in cooperation with the LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn, which will visualise the contents of the research network with original testimonials. We also focus on sustainable exhibition practice through cooperation with the university's own collections.

In this way, evidence from the past meets current research results, allowing even supposedly familiar topics to be viewed from new perspectives. We see the medium 'exhibition' according to Thorsten Heese as a social construction site. We are not looking for fixed historical interpretations, but for a general discourse and its establishment.

With these formats and measures, we encourage people to think alongside us and to think further about the omnipresent phenomenona of power and domination. We stand for:

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See: Thorsten Heese, Gestern Besucher – morgen lebenslanger User. Jüngere Trends in der Museumspädagogik, in: Geschichte in Wissenschaft und Unterricht 63 (2012), H. 11/12, pp. 705–719.

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