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Who are the people behind the topics of the CRC 1167 and how did they develop their research interests? Answers to these and many other questions are to be found on this page...


Linda Dohmen in conversation with Achim Fischelmanns (sub-project public relations). Photo: © Christine Beyer | CRC 1167


Please excuse that the following interviews are only available on our German website.

Matthias Becher, spokesperson of the CRC 1167 (video by, external link)
Jan Bemmann (Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology)
Timo Bremer (Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology)
Stephan Conermann (Islamic Studies) (in German)
Dittmar Dahlmann und Diana Ordubadi (Eastern European History)
Linda Dohmen (Medieval History)
Karina Kellermann (German Medieval Studies)
Konrad Klaus (Indian Studies)
Daan Lijdsman, Erasmus intern of the CRC
Alheydis Plassmann (Medieval History)
Andreas Rutz (Early Modern History and History of the Rhineland)
Daniel F. Schley (Japanese Studies)
Christian Schwermann (Chinese Studies)
Peter Schwieger (Tibetan Studies)
Andrea Stieldorf (History and Archival Studies)
Janin Tscheschel, director of the CRC short film
Konrad Vössing (Ancient History)

Interview series "Macht mal 8" with the guest speakers of the lecture series "Geschlechterdimensionen von Macht und Herrschaft" in the winter semester 2018/2019

Claudia Opitz-Belakhal (Basel)
Christina Lutter (Wien)
Kerstin Palm (Berlin)
Ina Kerner (Koblenz)
Cornelia Klinger (Tübingen)
Martin Dinges (Stuttgart)

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