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Medien_Morenz_WDR 3_Foto_Barbara Frommann_Uni Bonn

Literature as crisis management in ancient Egypt

For the broadcast "Kultur am Mittag" on WDR 3, Cornelia Wegerhoff talked to Ludwig Morenz and Beryl Büma about regicide and "belles lettres", which was meant to help people to overcome crises. You can find the interview here.


Medien_Der chinesische Beamte_SWR 2

The Chinese official admonisher and Mandarin

In October 2019, sub-project PI Christian Schwermann appeared in a SWR 2 feature about the civil service examination system, anti-corruption campaigns and institutionalised criticism of rulers. Audio file and script are available here.


Medien_Tell me a history

Tell Me A History

Tilmann Trausch (episode 10) and Eva Orthmann (episode 12) were next in the series "Tell Me A History" to talk about the Safavids and the Mughal Empire.


Medien_DeutschlandfunkNetworks of women in history

Dörte Hinrichs of Deutschlandfunk spoke with sub-project PI Irina Dumitrescu about the fallacy that in the Middle Ages it was mainly men who exercised power. You can find the podcast here.




Medien_forsch_Herbst_Winter_2020The King as guest

In the autumn/winter 2020 (pp. 3841) issue of the Bonn University magazine "forsch", Steffen Kremer, research assistant in the art-historical sub-project of SFB 1167, reported on stagings of elite hospitality in secular wall painting.




World of extremes

In summer 2018 (pp. 30f.), the Bonn University magazine "forsch" published an article about Teresa Raffelsberger, junior researcher in the Tibetological sub-project of the CRC 1167, and one of her research stays in Ladakh.




Read it quickly and note it down swiftly

The autumn/winter 2017 (pp. 34f.) issue of the Bonn University magazine "forsch" includes an article about Anna Kollatz, research assistant in Eva Orthmann's Islamic Studies sub-project, and her experiences during a research stay in India.






What do you think of when you hear 'power' and 'domination'?

Together with the media scientist Janin Tscheschel, members of the CRC 1167 created a short film that vividly illustrates the questions and research topics of our collaborative project.

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What can power do?

To answer this question, Matthias Becher, spokesperson of the CRC 1167, was available for an interview with the series "Frag' die Bonner Forscher" by

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Rule, Church and Peasants in the Northern Lake Constance Region in Carolingian Times

The anthology of the same name is directly related to the project "Campus Galli - Karolingische Klosterstadt", which aims to put the famous St. Gall monastery plan into practice with the structural and technical possibilities of the 9th century near Meßkirch in Baden-Württemberg.

In the context of a book presentation on 20 September 2020, a discussion round on the topic of "Oberschwaben vor 1200 Jahren" took place, in which Matthias Becher, SFB spokesperson and also Campus Galli advisory board member, also participated. It dealt with the transformation of Alemannia from a forcibly subjugated peripheral province to the centre of Carolingian rule and the interaction of rulers and elites - at the same time one of the central topics in the sub-project "Consensus and fidelitas: Personal and transpersonal elements of royal Macht and Herrschaft in the East Frankish-German realm".

The entire event can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the Gesellschaft Oberschwaben: A film on the current status of the building project can be found between minutes 14:30 and 21:50, the discussion round begins after 42 minutes and 50 seconds:

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Wissenschaftsrallye 2018

Since 2017, the Science Rally around the Hofgarten has been an integral part of the school activities of the CRC 1167. In 2018, published a YouTube playlist for this event, in which you can find contributions from CRC members Mareikje Mariak (sub-project "The king’s image. Macht and Herrschaft in the seals and coins of the East-Frankish and German kings and emperors (936–1250)") and Achim Fischelmanns (sub-project public relations).

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The sub-project of Andrea Stieldorf organised the station of the Department of History in 2018.

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At the CRC station "Herr[?]schaft. Frauen und politische Macht", the sub-projects of Mechthild Albert and Irina Dumitrescu participated in addition to the public relations project.


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