SMH 12

Dominik Büschken, Herkunft als Argument. Wahrnehmung, Deutung und Funktion sozialer Mobilität in der englischen Gesellschaft des 12. Jahrhunderts (Studien zu Macht und Herrschaft 12), Göttingen 2020.

SMH_012Dissertation of the research assistant in Alheydis Plassmann's sub-project.


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In the present study Dominik Büschken uses narrative sources to examine medieval patterns of perception of social mobility, the influence of medieval interpretations on social advancement opportunities, and analyses the function that social mobility could assume for the system of society. Especially the function was not only in contradiction to pre-modern explanatory patterns of social reality, but also lay outside the perspective of contemporary writers. In the debates about social justice and godliness, social origin and social advancement were always an argument for the valid social conceptions of the authors and thus against social mobility and social advancement.

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