Ann-Kathrin Deininger, Könige. Konzeptionen von Herrschaft im ‚Prosalancelot‘ (Studien zu Macht und Herrschaft 3), Göttingen 2019.

SMH_003Dissertation by one of the research assistants in Elke Brüggen's sub-project.


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The German ‘Prose Lancelot’ discusses rulership in many different ways using very different characters. Arthur, the most powerful and most important ruler, is the supreme liege lord and presides over the Round Table. He must do justice to both his vasalls and his knights, even if this is difficult due to different and sometimes contradictory hierarchies. His rule is only stable when he succeeds in balancing feudal and courtly norms, whenever he does not, the realm suffers greatly. Arthur is complemented by two opposing rulers: Claudas, the usurper, acts almost exclusively for reasons of politics and feudal law. Galahot, on the other hand, willingly gives up any assets in order to gain the friendship of the most courtly knight – Lancelot. Both thus provide a foil on which the character of King Arthur can be re-read.

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