Mike Janßen, Wie das Leben so der Tod. Sterbedarstellungen von Kaisern und Königen in der Historiographie des früheren Mittelalters (Studien zu Macht und Herrschaft 4), Göttingen 2021.

SMH_004Dissertation by one of the research assistants in Matthias Becher's and Linda Dohmen's sub-project.


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The death of a ruler has always been a significant event, which has found corresponding expression in historiography. Rarely were these reports on the death of the powerful written in a value-free manner. Chroniclers used the description of the death to praise the good ruler or to condemn the bad one. Historiographers were responsible for the religious interpretation and thus also the evaluation of the deceased’s deeds during his lifetime. The description of dying was based on ancient and biblical models. This study examines the depictions of the deaths of rulers from the 6th century and the death of Clovis I to Lothar of Süpplingenburg in the 12th century.

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