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Interdisciplinary Transcultural Work Groups


Because each sub-project belongs to two large research areas (Spannungsfelder), the individual research are strongly interlinked and a context for close discussion is established. In our joint research, this also means that we can identify further, cross-project research interests, which can be both at the centre of the Spannungsfelder and between them.

In order to pursue these questions and to enable an interdisciplinary, transcultural comparison, a safe environment is necessary in which the various approaches can be discussed, developed, tested, rejected or sharpened in a collaborative effort/process. In these smaller groups, young researchers in particular can make an excellent contribution and practise taking initiative, taking responsibility, developing new ideas and enriching the discussion, from which the entire research network benefits considerably.

We have given these spaces the name 'Interdisciplinary Transcultural Work Groups' (ITWs) to express both their transcultural focus and their character as experimental work forums. The individual working groups are as follows:

Autocracies – Legitimisation and Participation



Critique of the Sovereign/Advisors

Historical Semantics


Material Aspects of Power and Domination

The Visual Representation of Rulership

Women and Rulership

In contrast to the Spannungsfelder, the ITWs are flexible in their connections and working methods, and always have the aim of feeding back into the research areas in which or between which they are located. To this end, the ITWs organise workshops and publish anthologies, and they integrate researchers from outside the CRC into the centre’s working groups.

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