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ITW CourtThe ITW "Court" is a joint venture of the CRC, the Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg "History and Society during the Mamluk Era (1250–1517)" and the DFG Priority Programme (SPP) 1981 'Transottomanica'. According to the first results of this collaboration, courts can be characterised as social units constituted by persons who have regulated access to the ruler. Their interactions with each other (and with the rulers) are determined by patronage, rivalry and the exchange of economic, cultural and social capital.

The ITW aims to methodically process and present both practical transcultural work and exemplary results of it. The group has therefore developed a guideline for a transcultural comparative analysis of the court, which, due to its narratological orientation, has been published in the series "Narratio Aliena?" by the Bonn Centre for Transcultural Narratology, to which numerous CRC members also belong.



More on this topic: Stephan Conermann/Anna Kollatz (edd.), Macht bei Hofe. Narrative Darstellungen in ausgewählten Quellen. Ein interdisziplinärer Reader (Narratio Aliena? 11), Berlin 2020.


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