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Historical Semantics

ITW Historical SemanticsThe ITW "Historical Semantics" initially focused its attention on the semantic field 'ruler'. This field was discussed comparatively and thus, something like a 'toolbox' was created, which enriches the semantic work within the respective sub-projects but can also be used for interdisciplinary cooperation. The next goal of the ITW is now the search for transcultural concepts within concepts of power and domination: on the one hand, by means of a transcultural comparison of etymology, adaptation of meaning and the context of use of terms for supreme rulers and, on the other hand, by means of metaphors that represent abstract concepts of political phenomena (e.g. the metaphor of the body for hierarchical structures).


Workshop_Historische Semantik

More on this topic: In December 2018, the sub-project Albert and the sub-project Conermann jointly organised the workshop "Historische Semantik in transkultureller Perspektive".

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