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ITW LegitimisationThe ITW "Legitimisation" has placed the topic of 'transitions of power' at the centre of its considerations and has discussed in particular the question of 'regular' and 'normal' cases, which are distinguished in all participating disciplines according to the criterion of legitimacy (e.g. descent, predetermination, personal suitability).

In this way, further points of comparison could be developed for the question of the legitimacy of a transfer of power, which will now be investigated further: Which circles are decisive for the recognition of a ruler, how exactly is it carried out and how does it differ from other strategies of legitimation? Were there special acts of recognition in so-called exceptional cases? And finally: How did the temporal distance change the perspective of the sources on questions of legitimacy?

MH_003More on this topic: In March 2018, the workshop "Norm und Praxis des Herrschaftsübergangs. Zeitgenössische und wissenschaftliche Perspektiven" took place in Bonn. The contributions of the event have been brought together in the volume: Tilmann Trausch (ed.), Norm, Normabweichung und Praxis des Herrschaftsübergangs in transkultureller Perspektive (Macht und Herrschaft 3), Göttingen 2019.

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