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The Visual Representation of Rulership

ITW Visual RepresentationThe ITW "The Visual Representation of Rulership" examines pictorial and written visualisations of rulers on various media. In developing a transdisciplinary approach, the relationship between text and image is as much in focus as the fundamental methodological question concerning the extent to which pictorial representations can be historicised at all. In terms of content, this working group is increasingly concerned, among other aspects, with the function of pictorial representations in the context of  sacred rulership.

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More on this topic: In November 2017, the sub-project Stieldorf  organised a workshop on the topic "Das Herrscherbild auf mittelalterlichen Münzen. Ikonographische und methodische Annäherungen" [follow-up report in German], in March 2019 the focus was on portraits on seals.

Together with the sub-project Wolter-von dem Knesebeck, the workshop "Haus und Herrschaft (visuell) – Interdisziplinäre und transkulturelle Zugänge" [follow-up report in German] [conference report on H-Soz-Kult, external link] was held in January 2019, which was also dedicated to visualisations of rulers and rule.

With the sub-project Vössing, an event on ruler representations on coins of the Roman Empire and the High Middle Ages took place in October 2019.


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