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Each of our research areas or Spannungsfelder is determined by two concepts, each of which spans a certain field of essential questions around the topic of power and domination. Central to our research is the approach that the 'and' links the two concepts to each other and has a meaning that connects rather than separates them.

In short: We understand the two concepts that define the respective Spannungsfeld as scalar and not as polar opposites.

Such an understanding of the Spannungsfelder takes into account correlations and causalities as well as the sliding transitions between the pairs of terms. This is indispensable if we are to break down the classical opposition between 'modernity' and 'premodernity' on the one hand, and leave behind eurocentric ways of thinking in research on the other.

Each of the 20 scientific sub-projects  of the CRC 1167 is assigned to two Spannungsfeldern. The following four diachronically arranged fields of work are involved:

A: Conflict and Consent

(Coordination: Prof. Dr. Konrad Vössing)

B: Personality and Transpersonality

(Coordination: Prof. Dr. Matthias Becher)

C: Centre and Periphery

(Coordination: Prof. Dr. Jan Bemmann)

D: Criticism and Idealisation

(Coordination: Prof. Dr. Elke Brüggen)

The sub-projects allocated to a given Spannungsfeld meet together on a regular basis to discuss central issues, present the results of their work to date and develop joint projects. In addition, each Spannungsfeld has hosted a large, international and interdisciplinary conference at the University of Bonn, the results of which are published in the CRC‘s own series of publications "Macht und Herrschaft".

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