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Spannungsfeld C

Spannungsfeld C_englischThe projects assigned to Spannungsfeld C focus on the spatial dimension of our subject of investigation. Since power and domination are always exercised by persons, a centre is created by itself – first by the ruler, then by his/her court and finally by his/her whereabouts. The periphery is constituted by a growing distance from the centre, first spatially, but then also structurally.

Thus, the formation of residences using the example of Ancient Egypt or the nomadic kingdoms of Central Asia is the focus of this Spannungsfeld, but then also the alternative form of the itinerant rulership in early and high medieval Europe. Especially the itinerant rulership can be seen as an attempt to remove the opposition between centre and periphery to a certain extent. An interrelation results from the reception of peripheral elites in the centre, which was of eminent importance in the Chinese Empire and in the European Middle Ages.

Beyond that, however, the periphery can only be bound to the centre by a delegation of power on the one hand and by demanding declarations of loyalty on the other. It is important that the transitions to other spaces, also constituted by centre and periphery, are fluid, so that a system of super- and subordination is created.



The international conference on Spannungsfeld C, "Core, Periphery, Frontier – Spatial Patterns of Power", took place from March 28 to 30, 2019.

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Coordination of the Spannungsfeld:

Prof. Dr. Jan Bemmann


PI: Prof. Dr. Peter Schwieger (Tibetan Studies)

PI: Dr. des. Timo Bremer (Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology)

PI: Prof. Dr. Ralph Kauz (Chinese Studies)

PIs: PD Dr. Detlev Taranczewski/Jun.-Prof. Dr. Daniel F. Schley (Japanese Studies)

PIs: Prof. Dr. Dittmar Dahlmann/Prof. Dr. Martin Aust (Eastern European History)

PI: Prof. Dr. Jan Bemmann (Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology)

PI: Prof. Dr. Harald Wolter-von dem Knesebeck (Art History)

PI: Prof. Dr. Ludwig D. Morenz (Egyptology)

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