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Sub-Project Brüggen

Kings and emperors. Macht and Herrschaft in medieval German literature

This sub-project wants to explore the specific contribution of 12th and 13th century German narrative literature to the conceptualisation and discussion of imperial and royal Macht and Herrschaft. It is based on the presupposition that the consulted texts and text-image-ensembles are characterised by a distinctive interest in a complex and dynamic treatment of imperial and royal Herrschaft and their legitimisation which should therefore be regarded as a vanishing point of literary portrayal for the time period mentioned. The sub-project combines systematic analysis aiming at an overview with specific case studies, taking into account the texts’ linguistic, narrative and medial composition in all its multifaceted diversity, ambivalency and contradictoriness.


Principal Investigator:


BrueggenProf. Dr. Elke Brüggen

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Institut für Germanistik, Vergleichende Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft
Abteilung für Germanistische Mediävistik
Am Hof 1d
53113 Bonn




Research Assistants:


DeiningerDr. des. Ann-Kathrin Deininger

Sonderforschungsbereich 1167 "Macht und Herrschaft"
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Poppelsdorfer Allee 24
53115 Bonn




LeuchtenbergJasmin Leuchtenberg, M.St.






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