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Sub-Project Dumitrescu

Feminine charisma. Figurations of Macht and Herrschaft in England and France (700–1500)

This sub-project is dedicated to a close study of discourses around historical and fictional female figures, and considers how literary and other narrative sources from England and France between 700 and 1500 ascribe qualities of Macht and Herrschaft to such women. The study draws on a broad spectrum of research on charisma, enchantment, charm, and celebrity, aspects of power and authority that can be understood as characteristically feminine: they enable women to exert influence beyond traditionally masculine structures of Macht and Herrschaft.


Principal Investigator:


DumitrescuProf. Dr. Irina A. Dumitrescu

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Institut für Anglistik, Amerikanistik und Keltologie
Abteilung für English Medieval Studies
Regina-Pacis-Weg 5
53113 Bonn



Research Assistants:


HardieDr. Rebecca Hardie








Dr. Emma O'Loughlin Bérat




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