Emma O. Bérat/Rebecca Hardie/Irina Dumitrescu (edd.), Relations of Power. Women’s Networks in the Middle Ages (Studien zu Macht und Herrschaft 5), Göttingen 2021.

SMH_005Der Band ist hervorgegangen aus dem Workshop „Between Women: Female Networks, Kinships and Power“ [Link zum Nachbericht] des Teilprojekts „Weibliches Charisma. Figurationen von Macht und Herrschaft in England und Frankreich (700–1500)“ (Leitung: Prof. Dr. Irina Dumitrescu), der im Jahr 2018 stattfand.

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  • Emma O. Bérat/Rebecca Hardie, Introduction, S. 9–18.
  • Julia Hillner/Máirín MacCarron, Female Networks and Exiled Bishops between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages: The Cases of Liberius of Rome and Wilfrid of York, S. 19–44.
  • Lucy K. Pick, Networking Power and Gender at Court: An Eleventh-Century Diploma and ‘Las Meninas’, S. 45–66.
  • Jitske Jasperse, With This Ring: Forming Plantagenet Family Ties, S. 67–84.
  • Abigail S. Armstrong, English Royal Family Ties: Edward I and his Breton Nieces, S. 85–104.
  • Mercedes Pérez Vidal, Female Aristocratic Networks: Books, Liturgy and Reform in Castilian Nunneries, S. 105–132.
  • Stephanie Hollis, Dynastic Visions: Founder Abbesses of Wilton and Barking and their Eleventh-Century Successors, S. 133–153.
  • Alyssa Gabbay, Mothers, Liver-Eaters, and Matrilineal Descent: Hind bint ‘Utba, Mu‘āwiya and Nasab (Filiation) in Early Islam, S. 155–167.
  • Karen Dempsey, Herstory: Exploring the Material Life of Gundrada de Warenne, S. 169–196.